Insanity Diet Plan – 5 Reasons I HATE Their Nutrition Guide!

First of all, here is the Insanity Diet Plan as provided by Shaun T. and Co. (courtesy Beachbody®)

Insanity Diet Plan Download

Phase 1: Problems with the insanity diet plan

Aloha, My name is Matthew Gates, I am a 38 year old software programmer from Manhattan, New York.

I started the insanity workout last year, February 2012 to be precise. And in the first 2 weeks, I DID NOT follow the “elite nutrition” diet because quite honestly, I was not very serious with the program!

But as soon as I entered month two, where Shaun T almost gnaws through your lungs like a chew toy, I knew this was a serious deal. I had to follow it to the T if I was going to get results.

But until I actually started implementing the Elite Nutrition, my 60 day challenge was nearing its end. Yes, sure, I had definitely lose couple of pounds, there was certainly visible change, but it wasn’t spectacular…

… not T Shirt worthy!
Before Insanity Diet Plan Now, though the 60 days challenge felt like my lungs were gonna pop out, (that’s a different story) I was determined to do it again! And I was going to follow the insanity diet plan this time.

I started Insanity Round 2 in August 2012…

… together with the insanity diet plan.

But something went wrong. The insanity diet plan wasn’t working out because:
  1. Following the insanity diet plan was extremely expensive! 5 meals a day with the quality of foods mentioned within was a taking a toll on our budget. (Yes, the missus had also joined the war against fat.)
  2. I was spending too much time in the kitchen preparing my “elite meals”. Face it, there weren’t too many meal choices. About 10 in each numbered meal, and for someone who is quite fussy about what to eat (moi), I was going to be eating the same stuff in one form or the other.
  3. And the worst thing…
  4. I knew I was NOT GOING TO CONTINUE with the insanity diet plan because there were no cheat days, no room for some of my favorite foods.

End of Insanity Round 2… Results?

Were great! I had actually lost a lot of weight this time. I felt better, my energy levels were going through the roof and there was a really good muscle definition in my arms and legs.

But… what next?

Exactly what I feared. Insanity round 2 was over, but so was the insanity diet plan!

I was back to eating high calorie goodies, my favorite chips and the whole junk food mania began.

I was thinking…

“What now Matty… Going through the Insanity again could be an option, but what’s the use, you will go back to your usual diet post round 3. You need a good nutrition plan and a good workout plan that you can keep up for a long time!”



Sure you can lose weight the first time… but only about 5% of those who lose weight keep it off. Yes, just 5% keep it off.
I had stumbled upon the weight maintenance secret!

That the number one point of failure is not whether you workout or not, it’s but of course = your diet!

Unless we can keep our diet clean, within our caloric limits, we aren’t going to maintain the weight loss that Insanity rewards us with. Read that again.

Phase 2: Researching Popular Diets

I started reading up a lot of the usual suspects like the Atkins Diet, Paleo, South Beach and even some unusual ones like the “chocolate diet” (Yes there IS such a diet!). But even after saturating my frontal lobe for over a month, I was yet to find a diet that was ideal for the maintenance phase, post Insanity.

I had narrowed it down to the following points.

The diet we all need, wish and should follow after (and during) Insanity should be:
  1. Tasty! Face it, if the food’s not tasty, it’s not going to be in your kitchen for long.
  2. Easy to cook, so you don’t spend half your day in the kitchen.
  3. Cost effective. No one wants to max out their credit cards at the supermarket!
  4. Flexible. Restrictive diets are completely stupid, and only suitable for a limited period.

In November 2012…

I found a manual called the Diet Solution Program (no, it’s no longer available) and it was actually pretty good.

The author, also a nutritionist, had tried numerous diets just like me and formulated this diet plan as a solution for yo-yo dieters and frustrated-to-the-core obese fellars. As luck would have it, she was running a big pre-holiday discount, and I got the manual for some 20-25 bucks.

The manual was awesome! Though it was a digital book, a PDF to be precise, it was chock full of everyday diet plans that I could finally use for my Insanity round 3! I printed it asap, and began round 3 of Insanity. And this time things were going to be different!

Here’s me before and after Insanity round 3 + the DSP

After Insanity Diet Plan The best part about this diet was I got a free upgrade to their new community program called Beyond Diet, you can check it here.

Beyond Diet allowed us to incorporate hundreds of recipes in our daily diet, all with clearly defined PCF breakdown = Protein/Carbs/Fats breakdown.

Phase 3: Insanity And Beyond

Currently, my maintenance regime is as follows:
Point 1 > I have created my very own all round workout routine, especially for post Insanity maintenance.


If you are done with the Insanity 60 days challenge, and had good-to-great results, you MUST still continue with some sort of a workout routine, else it’s all gonna come back!

And of course, if you folks want my workout, you can simply mail me on matthew[at] and I’ll share it with you…

Point 2 > I follow the recipes from Beyond Diet diligently. There are so many recipes in there, it’s very hard to repeat, so the program works for us very well.


I just heard on the BD community that the Beyond diet program and membership is currently available as a one-time payment of $47, as opposed to the earlier monthly fee of about $20, so if you are looking for a good nutrition plan (who isn’t!), I would highly recommend checking it out before the discount runs out >

So that’s that folks!


IMHO, the insanity diet plan, called the “elite nutrition” accompanying the Insanity workout is definitely a better diet than what most workout programs would give you, but it is also most definitely not suited for everyday living.

We all need something that’s nutritious, tasty and filling. So do check out beyond diet for that, or else tell me what options you have found. Show me you’re alive, let’s have your take on the insanity diet plan below…

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